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Queen Daenerys Tris Grey Chmerkovskiy IV

(A.K.A. @KateSupit) Dedicated to my favorite people.

"Shall we... go on Tumblr?"


Ok - so it’s early, but since everyone has bought their tickets for “Shall We Dance”… I figured we should also be getting our tickets for “Shall we… go on Tumblr”. It’s for all of us who can’t go to “Shall we Dance”.
Tickets are now on sale. All you have to do is Reblog this and you’ll have a…

Thank you thank you!

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The same dress!

The same dress!

Untouched- Part 10


She walked off the plane from Michigan and right into her senior year. Her schedule was waiting for her on the counter when she got home. Honors economics, AP Lit, astronomy, AP Latin, lunch, AP European history (for her mother), statistics, and AP comparative government. She opted out of study…

Oh. My. Sweet. Goodness.

"I mean, why else would they go to bed at nine."


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Fam Tag

WOW! I’ve never been tagged in anything before! Thank you sailorceejay!😘

1. Always post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write ten new ones.
3. Tag ten people and link them to the post.
4. Actually tell them you tagged them.

Christine’s Questions:
1. If you had a billion dollars, what would you do with it?
Save it. I would get all the things that I ‘NEED’ first, then get the things I ‘WANT’. Happy happy.

2. Crack ship?
I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones and White Collar, out of those two shows are actors Emilia Clarke and Matt Bomer. I read Fifty Shades of Grey (GUILTY) before the casting was finalized, and I saw all these fans picking Matt as their Christian Grey, and I thought it was an awesome idea! Then it all came down to who was going to play Ana, I stalked and stalked casting news and saw ‘Emilia Clarke as Anastasia Steele?’, THAT MADE MY NIGHT. Ever since, I’ve been a shipper of Emiliatt. In a realistic sense, Matt is not interested in the opposite sex and Emilia, I don’t know, but I hope she will someday date Kit Harington. ;) I hope Matt and Emilia AT LEAST meet each other and hopefully are in the same movie of some sort. They’ll always be my Christian and Ana.❤️

3. Reason behind your phone wallpaper.
Lock Screen: My cousin had the heart to spam my phone with ugly selfies and chose one of them as my wallpaper. Too lazy to change it. LOL.
Home Screen: I just like Maksyl.. a lot.😁

4. Describe your two closest friends.
They are weird, awkward, and they don’t give a poop about it.

5. What are your two most played songs on your iTunes?
As of now, it’s Chandelier by Sia & Endlessly by The Cab.

6. Name a music group/singer you were obsessed with as a kid.
I have always loved Demi Lovato, not only was I obsessed with her songs, but also with Sonny with A Chance and Camp Rock.

7. If you could choose a song for Meryl and Maks to dance to, what song would it be and what style of dance?
We never got to see them do the Paso, so probably they could dance to ‘Americano’ by Lady Gaga. BUT FORREALS. I would choose ‘For Good’ from Wicked because Meryl ‘tamed’ Maks, and the dance better be contemporary or some freestyle, I picture it to be a ‘Thank You’ dance from Maks to Meryl.. Then they could do a horizontal rumba.😏

8. Describe your favorite pair of shoes.
Ugh, I love them all. Well, they fit me.

9. Who is your most favorite person in the world?
I don’t really have a ‘most favorite’ person, more like ‘most favorite people’. I have my family and Maksyl fam!😘

10. Is there something you are really looking forward to within the remaining year?
I am looking forward to Christmas, not really anything much happening this year. I wanna go to the ice dancing show though, I can’t.😔

My Questions:
1. Other than Maks and Meryl, who is your favorite celebrity?
2. Favorite snack!
3. Any bad habits?
4. Favorite Disney character and why.
5. If you were stuck on an island, what would you miss most?
6. Play any instruments?
7. Favorite show/movie.
8. Any other OTPs?
9. Best song ever.

I tag:

They couldn’t be anymore perfect.

They couldn’t be anymore perfect.

THE KISS.. On the cheek. 😭

THE KISS.. On the cheek. 😭

They ‘latched’ on to me.

They ‘latched’ on to me.

I wanna see a movie with them together..❤️

I wanna see a movie with them together..❤️